O Grande Jogo

Uma coisa é estar aqui só com um vizinho e o mar a separar-nos directamente da América. Outra, bem diferente, é ter a Turquia ao lado e a Rússia a morder as canelas. A Europa que preste atenção: “today, we Greeks talk a lot about the country’s geopolitical advantages, but others, unfortunately, are not doing the same. No one wants Greece to be a failed state in the midst of an uncertain and volatile situation in the broader region. There also seems to be no demand for Greece as a possible pawn in greater geopolitical games. Some wonder whether Greece could play the Russia card or if Moscow could play the Greek card within the context of another cold war triggered by developments in Ukraine. It is unlikely that Vladimir Putin was being jocular when he wondered, in Brussels, how the European Union would like it if he sent his foreign minister to an anti-Europe rally in Athens“.