Canivete suiço

Suiça dá uma facada na liberdade de circulação na Europa, com ressonâncias importantes: while Switzerland is not an EU member, it is closely integrated with the union and is a member of Europe’s passport-free Schengen regime. The vote to cap immigration throws this into question, undermining several bilateral agreements between Brussels and Berne, and challenging the Schengen system since the caps will also apply to EU citizens who previously enjoyed unfettered travel and working rights in Switzerland under the open borders system. A little more than three months before elections to the European parliament, in which far-right anti-immigration populists are expected to make gains, the Swiss verdict is certain to galvanise the more extreme wings of European politics and chasten the mainstream.




One Comment on “Canivete suiço”

  1. Textículos says:

    Além da questão da livre circulação o problema da UE é confrontar-se com uma democracia mais directa, não dirigista.

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