Grandes líderes de outros tempos

Quem nunca ouviu a conversa sobre a grande qualidade dos líderes de outrora, por oposição à mediocridade actual? Pois atentemos num grande líder do passado, Helmut Kohl: “Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl – the architect of German reunification – admitted he would never have won a referendum on the adoption of the euro in his country and said he acted ‘like a dictator’ to see the common currency introduced. (…) Kohl said that the idea behind the euro was to avoid another war in Europe. ‘Nations with a common currency never went to war against each other (…).’ he said. (…) ‘In the end, representative democracy can only be successful if someone stands up and says: this is how it is.‘” Um grande líder, sem dúvida. O qual, para além de uma concepção peculiar de democracia, nunca ouviu falar em guerra civil.


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