Special relationship my ass 2

A administração Obama (através de um secretário de estado dos Negócios Estrangeiros, Philip Gordon) avisou a Inglaterra quanto aos perigos de um referendo sobre a permanência do Reino Unido na União Europeia. Peter Oborne, fazendo um paralelo engraçado com a crise do Suez, diz o seguinte:  “Mr Gordon has contemptuously smashed the foundation myth of the modern Tory party: namely, that somehow, out there, exists an “anglosphere”, a zone of common values that unites the English-speaking peoples, and in particular the US and Britain. (…) It is worth spelling out the choice that the Obama administration believes we face: play a full part in Europe or face international isolation and irrelevance. More humiliating still, the US probably does not care all that much which choice we make. (…) But the Tory Right’s long fantasy has ended. Their precious alliance with America now means an alliance with Europe, too. Their alternative – embattled isolation – is honourable but will carry little traction with the electorate. Only another crisis will rescue them; their best strategy is to keep quiet and hope for the worst. The eurozone crisis is not yet over, and if the single currency shatters, all bets are off”. E é este o estado do mundo ocidental.


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