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Mario Monti comunica ao presidente da república a intenção de se demitir.

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Banco central irlandês: Irlanda  diz que “precisa de mais tempo” para devolver dinheiro.

Já qualquer bicho careta se mete connosco

A coisa está tão má que até a Rússia se sente autorizada a dar-nos lições. De acordo com um relatório governamental, xenofobia, racismo e neo-Nazismo são violações dos direitos humanos frequentes na UE. Eis uma breve resenha da lista de casos, de acordo com EUobserver: “No progress in solving the EU internal issues and occasional lack of political will are in a stark contrast with the way the European Union lectures other countries,” says the report. It notes that the commission’s investigation into “undemocratic reforms in Hungary has been virtually “soft-pedaled””. Lithuania, Poland and Romania, suspected of harbouring secret CIA prisons on their territories in the early 2000s, obstruct independent investigations into the allegations, it says. Attacks and discrimination against minority groups like the Roma, large-scale human trafficking, drop in press freedoms, and growing anti-immigration sentiment are also cited. The report also lists the member states that have not signed up to key human rights multilateral treaties. Ireland and the Czech Republic, it says, do not participate in a convention against child prostitution, child pornography and sale of children. The report also […] claims there is unlawful detention of migrants in France, that Denmark breaches international legal norms by refusing to provide asylum to refugees from Afghanistan, and that Sweden disregards the rights of the child. Adaptando os famosos politólogos britânicos Lennon e McCartney (1965): “Europe is not half the continent it used to be