From Russia with money

A União Europeia era a federação kantiana, a paz perpétua. Por dentro, parece-se cada vez menos com isso. Por fora também.

Com as dificuldades postas pela UE para salvar a sua economia, Chipre pensa em voltar-se para a Rússia: “what’s at stake extends way beyond vulgar economic considerations. The politics of this place are complex, as befits its Byzantine past. Cyprus is in the eurozone but barely in Europe. Israel and Syria are about 300 miles from Nicosia; Brussels and Paris are 1,800 miles away. Turkey is an ever menacing presence, with its unrecognized regime in the north of the island. Hostility looms large. Then there is Russia, with which Cyprus shares an orthodox church. […] Cyprus’s financial predicament is dire. Its public-sector wage bill is, proportionately, the eurozone’s highest. There is, according to EC representatives, a ‘huge gap’ between income and expenditure. Pensions and benefits have run out of control. Yet, as it passes round the hat, Nicosia is desperate to find an alternative to the kind of troika-designed austerity that’s being imposed on Athens but who can afford to help? Step forward, Mr Putin. The Rusians are offering cheap loans, prompting Cyprus’s Moscow-educated leader Demetris Christofias to claim this is ‘support without anything in exchange’. He is either deluded or dissembling. Not even Putin’s closest friends would pretend he is in the free-lunch business“.

A paz perpétua da federação kantiana em expansão nunca foi muito apreciada lá para aqueles lados. Desde 1991, sempre se tratou de aguentar e esperar pacientemente pela melhor hora para mandar Kant de volta para Königsberg.


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