A sorte dos irlandeses

Corre tudo bem na Irlanda, não é verdade? Mas depois há o seguinte editorial (“A Disenchanted Electorate”) do seriíssimo Irish Times:

“Public support for the Government and its leaders continues to decline, according to the latest Irish Times/IpsosMRBI opinion poll, as the economy remains in the doldrums, austerity measures are implemented and pre-election commitments made by Fine Gael and the Labour Party remain unfulfilled.

The Government’s satisfaction rating has fallen by 40 per cent within the past year as unemployment edged upwards, mortgage difficulties increased and Ministers attempted to curb spending and raise new taxes. Speculation on the taxes/cuts mix for the forthcoming budget has done little to comfort a voting public growing tired of relentless austerity and lingering uncertainty”.

Com a economia a parar, a sorte dos irlandeses é ninguém saber o que lá se passa.


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